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International students may be eligible to remain and work in Canada after completing their education from a Canadian post-secondary institution by applying for a Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). IRCC in its effort to retain international students offers this option. Under this program, international graduates may obtain (upto) a three year open work permit, allowing them to work for any Canadian employer in any industry. They are not required to have a Canadian job offer at the time of submitting this application.

If an international student in Canada completes a post-secondary program of study that is two or more years, the student can apply for a three-year work permit. If the program of study is between eight months and two years, then the student will be eligible for a work permit lasting for a period equal to the duration of the student’s studies.


Outside of Quebec, in order for an international graduate to obtain a PGWP after graduating, an international student must:

  • have a valid study permit when applying for their PGWP
  • have continuously studied full time in Canada, except for the final academic session, where part-time studies are permitted
  • have completed and passed a program of study that is at least eight months in duration at either a public post-secondary institution, a private post-secondary institution that operates under the same rules and regulations as public institutions, or at a Canadian private institution if the student was enrolled in a program of study which led to a degree
  • apply for the work permit within 90 days of receiving written confirmation from their educational institution that they have met the requirements for completing their program of study

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